Additional Services In Riverview

At Detroit Choppers, we've spent years building strong relationships with the major insurance companies.  For our customers, this means you will receive quick, accurate repair of your motorcycle with limited down time and no haggling with your insurance company.  If you need repairs simply call us at 1-800-505-0258, we'll make arrangements to pick up your bike. All you need to do is call your insurance company, tell them what happened, and we'll take it from there.

Metal Work and Fabrication

Working with metal and fiberglass is equal parts art and science. Our experienced team has the knowledge needed to work with you and create custom pieces that will make your bike stand out from the crowd. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our photo gallery for examples. The work speaks for itself. 

Services in Riverview Include

Tire Replacement: This is where the rubber hits the road. Literally. Your tires are one of the most important parts of your bike, and the last thing you want to do is ride on worn out tires. 

Brake System Flush: Another common maintenance task is the flushing of your hydraulic fluids. This should be done every year or so depending on how often you ride.    

Brake Pad Replacements: You don’t want to be caught flying down the highway with worn down brake pads. If your brake pads are worn come on in, and we’ll replace them for you.

Engine Oil and Filter Changes: Oil is the lifeblood of any motor. We offer a variety of oi options to keep your bike in top condition. While we’re at it we’ll check your filters too. 

Engine Repair & Maintenance: Your motorcycle is basically a rideable engine, so performing regular maintenance is an essential part of taking care of your bike.

Genuine Motor Parts and Accessory Installations: At Detroit Choppers we care about quality. That is why we only use genuine motor parts, and employ skilled, trained technicians for their installation.

Welding: An expert welder can make the job look easy, but don’t let them fool you. It’s not. Our team has undergone hundreds of hours of training to give you clean welds every time. 

Sandblasting: Motorcycles can be dirty machines that get corroded over time. The good news is we can clean it up without damaging the essential components. 

Custom Builds: Everyone has a different vision for their perfect bike. Luckily Detroit Choppers is here to turn your dreams into a reality. 

Custom Paint and Airbrushing: People say clothes make the man, but we say paint makes the bike. If you really want to turn heads then you need a custom paint job to set you apart from the crowd. 

Chroming: Another way to make your bike stand out is through chroming. Chrome gives you that classic look that will shine in the sunlight as you ride.  

Powder Coating: Powder Coating can be a great alternative to liquid paints that provides a more durable finish that lasts longer. Our expert staff will be happy to review all paint options with you.